Our Vets

DRT appreciates and thanks our Veterans for their service and we are proud to highlight them below.  In each DRT Veteran feature, you can learn more about their transition from their military career to their civilian career -- discussing the parallels, differences, challenges, and lessons learned; as well as learn more about what they are now doing in their civilian careers, veteran advocacy groups, and volunteer work.  DRT Vets -- We Salute YOU!

John Helmick:  Having served for 24 years in the Army, John Helmick is quick to cite the success strategies his military mentors taught him. 

Geoff Dick:  Former Captain in the United States Army, Geoff Dick sustains a long lineage of former artillerymen that dates back to the Civil War.  As a graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Geoff served active duty for five years and in the reserves for another three. 

Ron Penrose:  Ron Penrose was drafted into the Army in 1968, but he and his wife, Mary loved military life so much that he subsequently reenlisted and spent 20 years serving his country in Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and stateside assignments. 

Tina Hopkins:  Tina Hopkins served with the United States Air Force (USAF) for five and a half years as a public affairs officer. Although she didn’t follow her brother into the Navy, he helped her make the decision to join the USAF, where she developed some valuable, transferable skills and enjoyed several life-changing experiences. 

Walter Dennard III:  Raised by a single mom who served for 40 years as a parole officer, DRT’s Walter Dennard says hard work and determination were modeled for him from an early age. 

Wayne Fong:  Wayne Fong’s family has a strong legacy of military service... After 20 years of service in the United States Navy (USN), Wayne Fong retired after serving as a P3 Navigator, Recruiter, Commandant Staff at the US Naval Academy, Crisis Action Cell Logistician and HR Special Projects Officer.