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We approach critical operating and process challenges from a user experience perspective to ensure that our customers receive innovative and tailored solutions.

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DRT uses proven methodologies to help plan and implement projects, unify team resources across organizations, direct project activities, and provide senior management with the critical information necessary to make informed decisions, reduce disruption to ongoing business operations, and increase the likelihood of project success – on schedule and on budget.  DRT’s commercial customers include:


Support for new generic top-level domain (gTLD) deployment analysis and services conceptualization, web analysis support, website taxonomies, market analysis, and product development.


Organizational assessment and facilitation services to help develop an IT Strategy and Planning function to achieve measurable corporate value from IT, improved transparency and accountability, and greater integration of technology and business objectives. 

Eurasia Foundation

Use of an open source content management system and social media tools to develop a dynamic, yet easy to administer website.  

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