U.S. Department of Justice COPS

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

Strategy Planning & Implementation Support Services: DJJ16-G-2656

The DOJ COPS program awarded DRT a contract for consulting services to enhance the operational effectiveness and outcomes of COPS’ grants management program and the community and stakeholder communications initiatives.

DRT provides comprehensive management consulting services including program and project management, grant financial management, policy analysis and development, business process reengineering, budget and financial data reconciliation, and internal financial audit support. Additionally, DRT provides communications strategy, planning, and execution for DOJ's social media, public relations, and digital media efforts.  DRT also provides a range of IT services including database and application design, development and implementation, requirements gathering, training and technical assistance, data mining and analysis, and system documentation.

DRT’s key contributions to the COPS program include:

  • Creation of an integrated, comprehensive grants financial management function
  • Support for proactive audit/compliance management
  • Design, implementation, and execution of an investment governance function
  • Design, development, and deployment of a predictive analytics capability
  • Building and execution of a robust budget management function
  • Enabling of continuous improvement through a business process analysis project
  • Development and application of proactive, informative internal controls
  • Customer-oriented, proactive grantee outreach and assistance
  • Support for the COPS 2012-2016 Strategic Plan, including governance and performance measurement
  • Comprehensive internal communications assessment and planning
  • Design, testing, deployment, training, and management of a collaborative SharePoint-based intranet site
  • Establishment of a social media presence, including supporting processes and procedures
  • Management of the external customer-facing website refresh