Geoff Dick

Former Captain in the United States Army, Geoff Dick sustains a long lineage of former artillerymen that dates back to the Civil War.  As a graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Geoff served active duty for five years and in the reserves for another three.

One of the most vivid lessons Geoff learned while serving as a new lieutenant came from his first enlisted team leader, Staff Sergeant Marty Martinez.  SSG Martinez taught Geoff a lesson that he still applies over 15 years after serving in the Army -- "The tool makes the mechanic."

Geoff remembers a time when he and SSG Martinez came upon their fire support team trying to change the heavy tank track on the team’s fire support vehicle.  The crew wasn't using the proper tool to remove the track.  SSG Martinez told them to retrieve the appropriate tool for the job, the breaker bar, but the team didn't want to stop and drive back to the tool shed; the crew kept trying all sorts of tricks and work-arounds, but to no avail.  Saying nothing else, SSG Martinez went and retrieved the breaker bar himself and made his team sit down and watch him do the job, largely by himself and without breaking much of a sweat. 

Geoff learned to apply this to his Army experiences while he served and continues to apply that to his life as a management consultant.  Since transitioning from the Army to the private sector, Geoff has found that some of the principles he learned from the Army are particularly useful. 

One that sticks out is the concept of teamwork.  Geoff learned that very little of use can be accomplished without a team.  Everything from operating the most effective machinery to achieving a complex tactical objective requires a team of individuals working together. 

The same is true at DRT Strategies.  When teams in our business work together they become exponentially more effective.  We solve customer problems that could never be addressed as a bunch of individuals.  Ex-military personnel understand how essential teamwork is to success, and can often lead by example regardless of their place in the official organization hierarchy.