Ron Penrose

Ron Penrose was drafted into the Army in 1968, but he and his wife, Mary loved military life so much that he subsequently reenlisted and spent 20 years serving his country in Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and stateside assignments. 

Retiring from the Army as a commissioned officer in aviation units in command and staff roles, his first job as an enlisted soldier was driving a 5,000-pound petroleum truck across Europe in the late 1960’s.

Ron remembers that first tour in Germany particularly fondly because he and Mary traveled extensively together in their 1967 VW Bug, including a two-week trek into Southern Italy which he counts as among his favorites.  The support of his spouse and the enjoyment of adding their son to their traveling contingent kept the family close amid the upheavals of military moves and deployments that were to come.

Ron served as a soldier, telecommunications analyst, Army Ranger, and helicopter pilot as he rose in the ranks to retire as a Major.

During the Cold War in the 1980’s, Ron helped command and lead the deployment of the unit he commanded in the First Infantry Division to Germany, deploying soldiers, helicopters, trucks, and supplies overseas from Kansas and Texas by rail, sea, and cargo aircraft -- so he’s well accustomed to managing complex projects with little margin for error.  Military life, like the consulting industry in which he has worked for the last 25 years, promotes a constant state of flux he enjoys.

What are the military-honed attributes he says help make him successful?  Being highly self-motivated and the ability to work both independently, as well as within team. 

He found the transition to civilian life pretty straight forward and encourages former service members to emphasize their military experience as they “network, network, network.

In DRT, Ron has found a work environment that deeply respects and is genuinely thankful for his military service.

After hours, Ron’s home away from home continues to be a cockpit, flying his vintage former Soviet bloc military trainer aircraft in his hometown of Kansas City and pursuing his passion for being airborne.