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DRT is a Major Provider in Government Health IT

We partner with Federal Health agencies to leverage IT for improving health safety, advancing public health domestically and abroad, and responding to public health emergencies. We know that health-related IT projects often require multi-disciplined project teams to solve complex problems. DRT brings the right experts in science, health, and technology to resolve modern public health challenges.

  • Automation of national medical laboratory data collection and interoperability
  • Disease research data collection and analysis
  • Geospatial analysis of public health emergencies
  • Food safety regulation enforcement
  • Pre-market approval and post-market surveillance for drugs, biologics, and medical devices
  • Role-based eLearning for Drug Regulatory Review and Safety Review Platforms

Health IT Expertise Helping to Achieve Your Mission

Health Analyses, Studies and Research

Support disease management systems such as the CDC ALS Registry Portal, and enable the integration of health systems such as FDA’s Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) which automates national laboratory data collection and enables lab interoperability.

Information and Knowledge Management
Implemented the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Data Standards Governance framework to resolve current data challenges in the areas of data standards governance and data standardization. 
Helped CDC develop the Environmental Burden Index (EBI) to support environmental public health research and presented at the American Public Health Association (APHA) November 2015 Annual Meeting.
Drug Safety Process Expertise
Support FDA regulatory review processes including pre-market approval and post-market adverse event analyses using active surveillance and pharmacovigilance techniques. 

Health IT Systems

  • Use Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) modeling to help eradicate polio, study disease transfer, and respond to national and global health emergencies such as the Ebola and Zika virus epidemics.
  • Helped develop the Environmental Burden Index (EBI), the first nationwide estimate of environmental quality available at the census tract level. 
  • Included a global unique identifier to anonymize ALS patient data for privacy, improving the quality and completeness of CDC research data. 

Health IT Strategy and Solutions Planning

  • Led concept design for the Real-time Application for Portable Interactive Devices (RAPID), stemming from the H1N1 crisis that highlighted the need for improved communication for EUA-related adverse event reporting between health practitioners and the FDA.
  • Conducted an impact analysis for the implementation of the Individual Case Study Reports (ICSR) R3 standards for adverse event reporting. The analysis provided insights into how data structure changes could be better used by FDA safety reviewers and epidemiologists.
  • Identified additional FDA systems functionality to facilitate implementation of ICSRs in FDA using HL7 international clinical and health administration data standards that support automated data exchange requirements.  
  • Collaborated with the FDA to develop a high-level IT Strategy “Roadmap” and implementation plan aligned to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) objectives to use technology to prevent food contamination.
  • DRT support for FDA’s Regulatory Review Training program included redesign and enhancement of training curriculum to provide a hands-on “real world” experience for trainees, added depth and breadth of content, and diversified delivery mechanisms including computer-based training.

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