DRT Reorganizes, Invests in Growth

DRT is expanding and reorganizing senior leadership with an eye towards growing the company. “We are positioning the company to be successful in the full and open market, moving beyond the small business realm,” says CEO James Gordon. “This will enable us to go after larger bids and to procure more work—work that is exciting and meaningful to DRTers.”

DRT is adding members to the growth team—with Senior Vice President Kathy Taylor leading Alliance & Partner Management; and newcomers Patrick Kane (featured below in the Employee Spotlight) leading Capture while Anton Potoski will lead Marketing and Brand Management. Also new to the company, Paul Shatlock will lead Delivery, overseeing Civilian and Health business units in a single team. Other corporate positions remain the same.

Having been with the company for 11 years, Taylor says, “This reorganization speaks to focus, having growth leaders not wearing as many hats. I have always loved being out in industry, hearing new ideas and forging new relationships. But I have not previously had as much time to do that since I was doing both business development and delivery. Now we have added leadership to give each area dedicated attention.”

The first step in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Taylor notes, is “making sure the right people are in the right seats.” This reorganization is “an investment in talent and leadership around our critical goals, setting us up to succeed in delivery and in growth.”

An emphasis on Marketing and Brand Management will also increase. “These changes enable us to act more like the competition,” Gordon says. “We will draw on the talent and strategies they use to win business—with DRT’s reputation and our strong relationships propelling this new leadership model.”

Kathy Taylor is looking forward to spending more time exploring strategic partnerships for DRT. Here, she attends the Northern Virginia Technology Council, at which a recent meeting featured the governor of Virginia as a keynote speaker.

DRTer Celebrates Anniversary with Bonus Trip

Couple at Tulum restaurant
Manager Ashley Westbrook recently used DRT’s loyalty bonus to help fund a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Tulum, Mexico. There, she and husband Tate explored Mayan ruins, lounged at the beach, and enjoyed incredible food. Congrats on your wedding anniversary, Ashley!
A highlight of Westbrook’s trip was swimming in cenotes, natural limestone watering holes. Pictured here is the Ik Kil cenote where they swam amid thousands of little fish.

DRT Brings Volunteer Muscle to Food Bank

Serving at the May Capital Area Food Bank event (left to right): Allison Alexander, Johnathan Shacat, Mara Shacat, Lana Bian, Jackie Hartmann, Selena Moore, Kayla Pham, Victoria Guy, Chrystal Walker, Jeff Harley, Anne Painter, and Steve Morton. (Yadira Stamp not pictured.)
DRTers Jackie Hartmann and Jeff Harley with friend Allison Alexander get conveyer belt-ready for their service work. The Capital Area Food Bank serves more than 45 million meals each year to alleviate food insecurity across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

New Grad Outlook: Hear From the Class of 2022

Grad waves among the crowd
George Mason University grad Basim Bhinder has begun work with the FDA. His summer entertainment recommendation? The Kenobi series on Disney+.

DRT benefits each year from an influx of intellect, energy, and fresh perspective which our new hires bring. Here, some of the class of 2022 share fun facts to help you get to know and connect with them.

Q. Favorite college memory?

Ben Gibbons: My first Foodie Friday [at Emory University]—a weekly themed dinner with friends—was devoted to Trader Joe’s favorites. I brought mozzarella cheese sticks.

Ramsha Baig: Graduating from George Mason University with my best friend.

Basim Bhinder: Making the dean’s list [at George Mason University] for the first time—and staying on it for the next two years.

Q. To what are you devoting your first paycheck(s)?

Ramsha Baig: I’m saving for a new car.

Ben Gibbons: A couch cover for an old couch and a bed frame as my mattress is currently on the floor.

Basim Bhinder: I gave my first check to my parents; it’s a family tradition. I’m beyond grateful for everything they’ve done for me.

Q. What’s one thing your DRT colleagues can do for you?

Ramsha Baig: Keep working so well together. I love being a part of it.

Ben Gibbons: Continue to introduce yourselves and make me feel welcome. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful so far.

Basim Bhinder: Cultivate a positive work environment. I’m so glad to be here.

Ben Gibbons with cousin
Serving with DRT at the USDA, Ben Gibbons recently graduated from Emory University. Here, he dotes on a cousin, “hopefully acting like a cool uncle,” he says.
A George Mason University grad, Ramsha Baig has launched into work with the FDA team. She recommends Avenger movies for your summer fun, especially “End Game.”

CEO Message

Dear DRTers,

This is my first newsletter as CEO as Susan Kidd and I completed our 90-day transition and she’s officially assumed her role as Chairman of the Board. It was a pleasure to get to meet many of you both in the DC area and in Atlanta—and I look forward to connecting with more of you in upcoming weeks and months.

You will find our leadership team in the office on Wednesdays, part of our Let’s See U initiative. It’s a day you can call on our human resources professionals at DRT headquarters—and mingle, share coffee, and get to know all of us. For those of you who are working hybrid, we encourage you to come to the office one to three days each week. And turn on your cameras on Teams so we can look at one another face to face.

Thank you for the many hours and hustle you are devoting in this season of proposals, and for your kind reception as we roll out more of the vision and strategy for DRT’s next chapter. Hope the summer also finds you taking a deep breath, a bike ride, a beach walk, enjoying patio meals, good reads, family reunions, and much more.


Employee Spotlight: Patrick Kane

Man on hike with dog and baby
Patrick Kane joined DRT recently in a new role focused on capturing contracts. With his spouse and six kids at home, his life is full. But his summer reading recommendation? Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. “I’m a liberal arts nerd,” he says.

Patrick Kane is new to the company, assuming the Vice President of Capture role as part of the expansion of DRT’s growth team. Having spent a decade working for larger government contractors, he is eager to help DRT

Q. So, what does “capture” mean and how is it distinct from business development (BD) or growth?

A. Capture is a part of growth but unlike BD, I often get deeply involved when a deal gets to the “qualify” stage. I take a holistic view of opportunities and evaluate perhaps a dozen levers we can pull to optimize our approach. It may be that prospects need to know what contract vehicles to use to hire us. Other times, we may be able to help a client structure the requirements of a procurement so that they play to DRT’s capabilities and filter out a host of competitors.

Q. Why is that effective?

A. Because if requirements are generic, big competitors can come in with a super low bid and land the deal. But if the requirements are specifically aligned with DRT’s special strengths, the competition often presents compliant but less compelling bids. I often use the customer’s own language in a proposal, speaking directly to what they want.

Q. And what can every DRTer do to contribute to DRT capture and growth?

A. Those of you who are delivering solutions are “selling” as of day one­—bridging the gap between what the customer wants/needs and what we can deliver for them. I used to think sales was “icky,” but sales is simply the act of listening to a customers’ suffering and helping them overcome it to achieve what they envision. I’m eager to help DRTers brainstorm about how we can help their clients.

Q. What excites you most about being at DRT?

A. The people. I had worked with James before and had always been impressed with his business acumen. And with the way he treats people; he is doggedly loyal and a great advocate for his teams. But in the hiring process, I really gelled with the DRTers I met. I have already seen such a wealth of talent here—a very entrepreneurial spirit that speaks to the success that is possible.

Q. What’s the best antidote for the stress of government work?

A. Exercise. I allowed stress to eat away at me over 15 years in the industry. The last thing you want to do some days is exercise. But just start. Go for a walk, start running. Get outside.

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