USDA Farm Service Agency

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Farm Service Agency (FSA) Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) has issued DRT a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Program and Project Management Services (PPMS). 

DRT provides innovative solutions to support the USDA FSA in modernizing its information technology (IT) platform, software, and systems needed to enable successful program delivery, reduce costs, and gain efficiencies through common data services and self-service capabilities.  DRT’s expertise and assistance for coordinated and managed program and project management across the FSA IT landscape for designated major and minor programs and cross-functional projects includes:

  • Implementation and operation of program or project management offices;
  • Business case/capital planning and investment control; 
  • Business process and requirements analysis support;
  • Strategic and technical studies;
  • Acquisition and contract management;
  • Enterprise architecture analysis and evaluation;
  • Project reporting and assessments;
  • Continued education and mentoring of the organization in the SDLC project management and earned value management processes;
  • Continuous development, improvement and maintenance of program and project planning, monitoring and control processes, procedures, templates and tools; and
  • Management of program and project management related tools, technologies, and repositories.  


DRT’s proven framework for implementing and operating multiple complex PMOs utilizes a common approach to align all PMO functions to business and organizational goals, promote informed executive decision making, and achieve the level of cross-agency collaboration needed to move programs forward.  DRT delivers comprehensive IT program and project management services that facilitate support for FSA’s mission, its financial and administrative challenges, and the FSA IT System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). 

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