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Pursue Continuous Compliance for Your Federal IT Systems

NEW! DRTConfidence is the next generation Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution empowering your agency to:

  • Pursue continuous compliance
  • Accelerate ATO (authority to operate)
  • Reduce manual documentation
  • Adopt OSCAL based standardization

See What’s Possible.

DRT’s CIO, Valinder Mangat, demos DRTConfidence in his talk, “TURBO TAX Style Authoring of OSCAL files,” at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) annual OSCAL Workshop.

{ Benefits of OSCAL }

Allows IT Systems’ security posture to be assessed more often, leading towards continuous compliance.
Improves the efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of system security assessments.
Drives a large decrease in the paperwork burden.
Digitizes the A&A documentation package.


Authority to Operate (ATO) Process Innovations Have Finally Arrived

Today’s security compliance processes cannot survive the current state of time consuming, manual documentation and assessment.

With National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), you can now facilitate automation and position your IT infrastructure for continuous compliance.

FedRAMP is accepting accreditation packages in OSCAL today!

With DRTConfidence, agencies are now empowered to develop their system security plans (SSP)
and assessments in OSCAL.

CIOs and CISOs Can Now:

  • Position for continuous compliance on IT systems that leverage DevOps
  • Reduce ATO documentation burden, reusing existing accreditations
  • Accelerate ATO approval for IT systems that leverage agency approved guidelines
  • Provide Business Stakeholders accurate and timely views on the security accreditation process
  • Begin the ATO process early during IT systems development – “Shift Left”
  • Integrate security compliance workflow within IT Systems

We are helping CSPs convert their existing SSP and POAM artifacts over to OSCAL.

Start Using OSCAL Today:

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