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Often times our customers need help figuring out how to apply emerging technologies to solve their business problems.

DRT’s dedicated Idea Lab devises innovative solutions and builds prototypes and proofs of concept. Then we demonstrate to our customers how the latest technologies can be leveraged to overcome their challenges.

We Connect the Dots Between Place and Health

Using ESRI’s leading GIS software, we help CDC build mapping, spatial analysis, and visualization applications to find patterns and trends in public health data. Analysts can then effectively make pro-active decisions to protect our citizens’ health.

ESRI Partner Network, Bronze
Ignite the possibilities

DRT Accelerates Security Compliance at CMS

DRT’s approach accelerated the cumbersome Authority to Operate (ATO) process.   

Federal CISOs and CIOs now have the flexibility to build what they want on the tech they want. This Idea Lab strategy became the genesis for newly introduced, DRTConfidence!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
with UiPath, AWS Cloud, and ServiceNow

We use leading edge technology to help you drastically improve operational efficiency and respond to changing health and safety environments.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs­

Powerful Processor Leverages
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
and Machine Learning (ML)

We can manage the large influx of our customers’ unstructured text data so they can make informed business decisions.

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