Who We Serve: Public Health & Public Safety


With streamlined technology and systems, scientific expertise, and a mission focus, we empower the federal agencies that safeguard American health.

Driving Public Health and Awareness to Reduce Risk

We bring our science, technology, and communications expertise to bear on the FDA’s…

  • Pre-market approval and post-market surveillance of drugs, biologics, and medical devices.
  • Collecting and analyzing disease data so that it’s meaningful and impactful.
  • Defining, implementing, and relaying health policies and procedures.

Analyzing, Visualizing, and Transforming Health Data

CDC epidemiologists and public health…

  • Employ geospatial technology to predict the location and timing of illness outbreaks.
  • Study the relationship between exposure and disease.
  • Identify risk factors, both environmental and man-made, for health outcomes.
  • Contribute to medical journals and the global pursuit of treatments and cures.

Every day, we sharpen the government’s ability to protect the food supply, enforce the law, manage its critical supply chain, and prepare for emergencies.

Applying Trailblazing Technology to Food Safety & Supply Chain Management

Now more than ever, our innovative IT solutions and platforms such as ServiceNow are needed to…

  • Digitally transform manual, error-prone processes into efficient, reliable gateways.
  • Speed transactions at the USDA so America’s farmers get needed supplies and funding.
  • Manage food safety and supply chain efficiency to keep citizens healthy and reassured.

Driving the Financial Engine Behind FEMA’s Disaster Relief

Emergencies require a highly effective, tactical, and efficient response. DRT provides management consultants and financial structures that…

  • Inform and support the tremendous resources that go into disaster response.
  • Enable on-the-ground personnel to function smoothly with procedures, supplies, and teams in place.
  • Drive the finance, accounting, audit and actuarial functions essential to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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