Federal Government Ethics E-Filing

Helping our customers digitize, modernize, and automate their Ethics Programs workflows.

DRT’s solution will unleash the power of automation by streamlining the collection and review of ethics forms, enable insights via data analytics and auto-validations, and integrate with your agency systems to reconcile employee data.  DRT’s Ethics E-Filing solution can be stand-alone or integrated into your broader HR digital services platform.

Please see the following video of DRT’s Ethics E-Filing solution:

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The Challenge with Today’s Ethics Processes

Government Ethics Programs support agency employees to help ensure their decisions and actions are not—nor appear to be—tainted by conflict of interest.  This includes areas such as financial interests, outside activities, widely attended gatherings, and received gifts.

Traditionally, the Ethics Programs process involves a highly manual process of filling out PDFs, submitting them for review, and providing manual oversight.  Agencies face several challenges that cost time, money, and take away from other important mission areas.

DRT’s Solution

DRT has built a solution on the ServiceNow Platform that can be implemented and tailored for your agency.  We have taken existing PDF Forms, such as the HHS-520 Request for Approval of Outside Activity and digitized in a user-friendly TurboTax-style user experience.  Powered by our underlying workflow, it can reconcile data with existing agency systems, enforce data quality, completion, automate reminders and communication.  We have created business intelligence dashboards to enable Ethics Officers to oversee the process, identify bottlenecks, and know where to focus energy for improvement. DRT’s solutions include:

  • Reduce ad hoc communications with automated alerts and notifications
  • Support accountability status dashboards and transparent workflows
  • Tailor functionality and processes to agencies’ needs
  • Integrate data sources for consistent data collection and quality
  • Reduce cost stop gap measures that rely on contract support and manual processes


DRT’s Contract Vehicles

  • SPARC 8a (available to all HHS OpDivs)
  • GSA SChedule 70 (includes Health IT Services SIN)
  • CIO-SP3 SB (pre-award notice)

​You can find all of our contracts here.

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Ethics E-Filing

Chris Zeiders

Vice President, Technology