Experience DRT's company culture of collaboration, teamwork, and creative problem solving...

Our People

At the core of the company’s success are DRTers – the highly talented and experienced professionals who deliver creative, transformative, and lasting solutions and services that delight our customers.

DRTers enjoy using their creativity to solve problems.  DRTers work hard to understand each customer’s problem, desired result, and potential barriers to success.  Acting as “trusted advisors,” we recommend and help implement the best path to achieve our customer’s vision.

DRTers are our Foundation:

  • Our assets are our employees, focusing on delivering value to our clients.
  • We appreciate each person as an individual.
  • Our culture is based on teamwork, information sharing, and collaboration.
  • We recognize our employees for their contributions to customers and fellow colleagues.
  • We invest in employees learning and their professional growth.
  • We have high competency standards to which we all align.